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Before you go

Before you go

Paying your balance, passports and tickets - the holiday essentials to tick off your checklist.

  • Passports and visas

    • Do I need a pasasport?
    • Do I need a visa?
    • What are the travel requirements for Turkey?
    • Where can I find out about ESTA requirements for travel to the USA?
  • Paying the balance of your holiday

    • How can I pay for my holiday?
    • Can I delay the date my balance is due?
    • Can I make payments towards my holiday in a shop if I've booked online?
  • Tickets

    • What type of ticket will I get?
    • What is an E-ticket?
    • When will I receive my ticket?
    • What do I do if details are wrong on my confirmation or e-ticket?
    • What do I do if I delete or lose my e-ticket?
    • Do I get luggage labels?