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The world is a wonderful place
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Holidays forever – committed to sustainable tourism

Holidays Forever is our commitment to making a difference through sustainable tourism. We’re helping the environment and supporting local communities in the places you love to visit, so you can keep enjoying breaks abroad for years to come. We’ve still got a long way to go, though, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

To show how serious we are, we’ve signed a number of commitments to sustainable tourism. Here is an example of one of the commitments we have made…

Our commitment to the World Care Fund

By 2012, we’re hoping to have raised €12 or £10 million (along with our sister companies First Choice Holidays and Thomson) for the World Care Fund. The money is given to projects that improve people’s lives, protect the environment and produce renewable energy in developing holiday destinations. In Zambia, for instance, a hydroelectric plant has been set up, giving schools and a hospital access to clean energy.

Join our Holidays Forever campaign by choosing a greener holiday and saying ‘yes’ to donating to the World Care Fund when you book. By saying ‘yes’, a donation of €1.00 per adult and €0.50 per child (Republic of Ireland) or £1.00 per adult and 50p per child (Northern Ireland) will be added to your booking.

Get Involved

We believe our actions can make a difference, and you too can play a role.

Before you go

  • Start enjoying your holiday before you go by doing some background reading on the people and places you’ll be visiting. Your welcome will be warmer if you take an interest and speak even a few simple phrases in the local language
  • Recycle your holiday brochures when you’ve finished with them or pass them on to a friend
  • Please don’t bring your litter on holiday with you. Remove the packaging from clothing, toiletries etc. and recycle if possible
  • Keep your baggage weight to a minimum to save fuel on your flight as every little helps

Before you travel, check out essential travel advice and tips, as well as up-to-date information on the country you’re visiting by going to the relevant government websites.

For the Republic of Ireland please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

For Northern Ireland please visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

While you are away

  • Don’t have your photograph taken with any wild animals held captive, and ask before taking photographs of local people
  • Discard packaging waste before travelling
  • Buy souvenirs that were made locally, and use local services wherever possible
  • Help preserve local wildlife and habitats – don’t damage flowers, plants or coral, or buy products made from endangered plants or animals
  • Use water sparingly. Take showers instead of baths, and inform hotel staff if you are happy to re-use towels and linen
  • Save energy – always turn off air-conditioning, lights and TVs when not required
  • Learn about appropriate dress codes and behaviour, including how much to tip.

Many of these tips are taken from The Travel Foundation’s Insider Guide on sustainable tourism.

Find more information on all of the initiatives featured on this page from the latest Environment & People update from TUI Travel PLC.